Fish in the sea

On my daily morning and evening walks, I’ve observed countless animals – birds, cats, dogs, possums, and bats – all oblivious to how much the world has changed. It led me to wonder… what if we could become an animal for the remainder of this pandemic? And, if so, which one would you be? 


Looking up at the trees and listening to them sing makes me want to become a bird. Can you imagine? Having the freedom to go anywhere at any time – the chance to travel the world and see all of the wonders from above. How exciting!


With their owner(s) staying at home all day, pets would be incredibly happy right now. I, for one, would love to receive lots of cuddles at the moment. Remember the good old days of ‘free hugs’?! 


There have been many days in the last few weeks when I’ve wanted to hide away and wait until the world as we knew it resumed. Being a bear and hibernating until we can travel again, sounds like a cosy dream to me. What do you reckon? 


Think about a goldfish going around his aquarium and forgetting he’d done it before and then doing it all over again (though that very fact is scientifically questionable). Perhaps we too could forget about how much the world has changed for while. If we’d never known anything different, we would probably love the way things are today. 


One of the things I’ve missed the most in the past few weeks is spending time with family and friends over a yummy meal. If only we could all become a wolf pack and hang out together in the wild. What do you say?

Now that I’ve shared a few ideas with you – tell me in the comments: if you could, which animal would you choose to become for the remainder of this pandemic?