A year ago today, I flew from Shanghai to Melbourne with a one-way ticket and waaaaay too much extra luggage!

After 12 hours up in the air, I landed with the biggest possible smile on my face. As the plane touched down, it felt as though a weight flew off of my shoulders.

This was going to be the beginning of a new chapter – one that would rhyme with love, freedom and dreams.

It had to be.
Deep inhale…
Slow exhale…
I was ready.

A year later…

Now that the time has come to celebrate Be Beyond Borders’ one year anniversary, I can’t help but wonder… What difference has a year made?

  • My parents travelled from France to Australia twice and we met in Vietnam too!
  • My sister changed jobs, congratulations sis!!
  • My friends got married, had babies (lots of babies!!)
  • My partner moved abroad for the first time and just heard that he has obtained a working visa valid for both of us!
  • And so many more ups and downs that aren’t always as easy to share.

As for Be Beyond Borders, the year has been filled with interviews of awesome guests from all over the world, articles full of tips about living abroad and the publication of two books: Where to Next? a travel memoir and Where Are You From? a children’s story.

It has also been a tough year filled with countless rejections and disappointments but the point of this article is to focus on the glass half FULL. You should try it too. It’s fun, I promise!

Here is how it goes:

  1. Pour yourself a (really really really) FULL glass of anything with bubbles: champagne, elderflower fizz, lemon-lime bitters for the Aussies etc.
  2. Reflect on the past 12 months and before each sip write down something you’ve achieved, something you’re proud of and/or are grateful for.
  3. After each sip, top up your bubbles. If your glass is never half empty then you won’t see it that way right?!
  4. Repeat!

Disclaimer: If you’re tipsy at the end of this, don’t blame me, blame the ‘Glass Always FULL’ exercise. Perhaps I should trademark this idea… Champagne for thought!

O.K. Back to my FULL glass… CHEERS!

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