Just over a week ago, I walked a marathon. 42.2 kilometres. It took me 7 hours and 11 minutes to complete it. No running, no jogging, just walking one step at a time.

I started off pumped and ready to go but, a few hours in, things started to get rough. It was hot, blisters were starting to form under both of my heels and I felt utterly exhausted. I couldn’t help but wonder… Why? Why am I doing this?

Crossing the finish line with a tear in my eye was all it took to remind myself of all the reasons behind my somewhat disproportional love of walking.

So, here is why I walk all over the world:

1. To stay fit

Whether it’s walking to work, going on a Sunday stroll or a weekend hike in nature, walking is an easy and free way to exercise and stay fit.

As some of you might know, I was overweight when I was younger. Reaching my highest weight at 20 years old scared me so I started eating less, choosing healthier food options and exercising more. I subsequently lost 20 kilos in 4 years. Walking played and still plays a significant part in enabling me to maintain the weight I have reached.

2. To explore new cities

Walking is a wonderful way to discover a new place. You get to marvel at the famous sights, discover hidden gems and take in the city’s atmosphere.

The marathon at the Canberra Walking Festival took us all around Lake Burley Griffin. We passed by the National Museum, the National Library, the National Gallery, the Parliament, the War Memorial and more. We even saw some kangaroos on the way!

Did you know there was so much to see in Canberra? 
Find out more here ~

3. To find inspiration

“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” said philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Walking undeniably gives you time and space to relax and reflect.

A lot of the inspiration behind my book Where to Next?came as I walked up and down the beach every morning. There is something simply wonderful about the sound of the waves accompanying each of your steps, heartbeat and breath.

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4. To challenge myself

With every achievement comes a new goal. Some may think walking a marathon is easy as the challenge doesn’t necessarily reside in the walking itself but in the time it takes to complete such a distance. Perseverance, determination and a little bit of crazy are the keys to success.

When I was 12, I had a snowboarding accident and suffered a knee injury. Years later, at 23, I started training to run a marathon. I was determined to put my unhealthy and overweight past behind me. Sadly, as I attempted a 10 miles training race, I injured my knee again. I was devastated.

It took me months to come to the conclusion that if I couldn’t run the distance, why not walk it?! So I started training. My goal was to complete the 42.2 kilometres unhurt and smiling. This was more than a marathon to me. It was a challenge, an adventure and a proof that despite the struggles, the injuries, the doubts, I could actually achieve what I set my mind to.

And if I can, so can you! It only takes one first step.

5. To contribute to a good cause

Challenges such as walking a marathon are also a great opportunity to raise money for charity!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me raise money for the Refugee and Migrant Children Centre. I really appreciate your generosity. You can still donate today if you wish to do so.

To make a donation, click here [THANK YOU!]

What about you…

  • Do you enjoy walking?
  • What is the longest distance you’ve ever walked?
  • Would you be keen to walk more?

If you’re looking for any tips or motivation to start, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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