Since moving to Melbourne, I have been writing at the same cafe every afternoon. That’s where I met the gorgeous Olivia. Seeing her cheerful and smiley day after day, I couldn’t help but wonder what her secret was… “I’ll have whatever she is having please!” I thought quietly. As we began to know each other better, she shared her story and some of her wisdom with me.

Her life beyond borders began in Ireland – where she was born and raised – and took her to the US, UK, Spain, India and Australia. Spirituality, in the form of meditation, yoga, health and wellness, daily rituals, and more, has played a significant role throughout her journey and made her the grounded and positive person she is today.

In the below interview, she shares plenty of practical and meaningful tips on how to centre or re-centre yourself wherever in the world you may be and whatever challenges you might be facing. Don’t let the uninvited guest – crazy wind – distract you from her mind-blowing message.

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