Solene Anglaret

Once upon a time…

A little girl pointed at the TV screen, turned to her parents and said: “one day I would like to be her!”. She was pointing at the famous French newsreader Claire Chazal. And she was me.

My name is Solene Anglaret. I was born and raised in France where I studied at the Institute of Political Science of Bordeaux graduating with an MA in Risk Management and International Economy. My love of travel has brought me to visit 46 countries and live in six of them: France, Norway, the U.S., the UK, China and now Australia.

After six years working in a corporate environment with the last four in the travel industry, I have decided to go after my long lasting dream of a career in media – a scary yet extremely exciting perspective! Having recently relocated to Melbourne, I am available across Australia for presenting, voice over, emecing or writing jobs in either English or French.

To get to see a bit more of me, take a look at my presenter showreel


I am also available for Voice Over work, an example can be found here

If you would like to listen to more voice over material, follow the link below where you will find some of the paid work I have done in the past for the British travel agency Thomas Cook (in English) and the French radio station NRJ (in French).

Listen here

Passionate about photography, I enjoy being both in front of and behind the camera. You can take a look at my headshots below: