Dear Life Beyond Borders, 

From the bottom of my humble human heart, I would like to thank you. 

When you took me under your wing, I was full of irrational fears, easy to influence, and way too quick to judge. You made it your mission to challenge all of my preconceptions.

Between us, it was love at first sight but we agreed to take things slow. From short plane rides to trips with family and friends, you eventually gave me the confidence to roam solo.

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy at first but now I can’t stop raving about it! Remember the sunset above Crescent Lake in China, the most delicious Korean BBQ ever in Seoul, and the cutest koala in Australia?! I will, forever and ever.

Not only did you turn my life into an exciting and endless adventure, you also changed me deeply. I know this is going to sound cheesy and you might not agree but I believe you’ve made me a better human. 

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I must confess, over the years, I did blame you for the friends I’ve lost along the way, the growing physical distance that separates my family and I, and the relentless rollercoaster of change you keep inviting me on.

When I hit rock bottom and dark clouds clutter my mind, I can’t help but wonder… Why and what now?

But then it hits me in the form of a sweet memory. All of the sudden, I remember.

Through the journey you’ve taken me on, you’ve pushed me to embrace uncertainty. You’ve opened up my heart to the world. You’ve shown me the perfect imperfect infinite beauty of humanity. 

After years spent looking for ‘my purpose’ on this planet, I’ve finally realised that you’d laid it out right in front of me. Through you, this is what I’m here to do:

  • Question the status quo of borders, nations and the absurdity of what divides us.  
  • Encourage people around me to travel, get to know and cherish one another.
  • Contribute to one world = one people thus turning the globe into our home. 

This epiphany wouldn’t have been possible without you and words cannot describe how grateful I am for the lessons Beyond Borders you’ve taught, are teaching, and will continue to teach me for years to come.

Yours faithfully,


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