A couple of days ago, Australia announced that only citizens, residents, and immediate family would be allowed to enter the country. I gasped at the news. The knots in my stomach tightened. There I was, officially stuck on the other side of the world. What else could this be but the start of a catastrophic film or an unbelievably realistic nightmare that ought to resume any minute? 


Social distancing
No more travelling
Loo roll vanishing

Like many, I initially made fun of those who bought all the toilet paper. Days later, I was the one cooking and then freezing a huge pan of ratatouille… ‘If you can’t beat the panic, join the panic’ I thought. But this isn’t unnecessary panic that will pass in a heartbeat. We are in the midst of an unprecedented global health crisis. 


Increasing number of cases
Tightening national borders
Fighting doctors and nurses 

Daily updates and endless news flashes determine whether the rollercoaster of my emotions goes up or down. One minute my heart sinks thinking about the world I knew, the trips I’d planned, and the ones I love being locked-in so far away. The next, I walk outside, look up at the sun, and manage to breathe. 


At least we’re together
At least we're healthy 
At last there's hope

Gratitude takes over in this surreality that is our new shared reality, for now. For a moment, I stop thinking solely about my own struggles and I think about you all. My heavy heart goes out to fellow world travellers and modern-day nomads.

You, the one who…

  • has family in lock-down on the other side of the world. 
  • is in quarantine far away from those you love the most. 
  • shivers at the idea of needing medical attention where you are.
  • may lose or has already lost your job to this unfathomable crisis.
  • feels that a life without travels is a life without life.
I hear you
I feel you
I am you

As much as I wish I was able to provide some solace and advice, at this stage the only thing that seems worth saying is that you’re not alone. If living abroad has never felt as hard as it does right now, please do reach out and let’s have a chat. I promise open ears, an open heart, and an open mind. Always.

Until then, stay safe and spread kindness x