• I wrote a book!
  • I promise you.
  • And I published it too…
  • It has pages.
  • It has chapters.
  • And a pretty cover too…
  • A cute book.
  • A material book.
  • And a true book too…
  • So exciting.
  • So exhausting.
  • And so surreal too…
  • From me.
  • To you.
  • And for all of them too…

The above is what happens when I run out of other ways to express myself. After months and months of typing, correcting, deleting and adding, I am (finally!) launching my book: Where to Next? on Saturday 19 May from 4 to 6 p.m. at The Moat in Melbourne.

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So, what makes Where to Next? a Book Beyond Borders?

1. The topic 

Where to Next? is a memoir about travelling and living abroad and how that changes one’s perception of where or what ‘home’ actually is.

It takes you on a journey starting in France and relocating to Norway, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and finally Australia. It also mentions some of the nearly 50 countries I have been to and learned from over the years.

Through my humble story, I hope to inspire you and readers all over the world to open their minds to other cultures and get out of their comfort zone whether it’d be through travelling, living abroad or simply embracing the differences that make us both unique and human.

2. The people

Where to Next? was written in Melbourne by a French author (that’s me, YAY!) who has also lived in Norway, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and finally Australia.

It was then read by a bunch of lovely friends and family members who are from and/or have lived in 17 different countries: France & French Polynesia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Norway, Ireland, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Lybia, China, India, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

The cover of Where to Next? was designed in India. The book was then edited in Sydney and formatted in Romania. It is now available internationally through Be Beyond Borders’ website, Amazon and most libraries.

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A worldwide project that has involved talent from all over the place! I’m not going to lie, sometimes cultural differences and misunderstanding got in the way. But learning from them and working together towards a common goal has led to this very special day: Saturday 19 May!

3. The dream 

Can I be honest with you? My dream is for Where to Next? to travel to more countries that I have. I have bought one of those big golden maps and will be scratching every country where my book finds itself.… May the book win! 

Share a photo of you and the book wherever in the world you are and I will publish it on BeBeyondBorders’ Instagram stories. Use the hashtag #wheretonextbook and feel free to send me a private message. I can’t wait to see where you take my story!

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So, there you have it…

  • A book that was born from a passion for travelling and living beyond borders.
  • A book that was brought to life by the hard work of a bunch of people located all over the world.
  • A book that can’t wait to travel with you!


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