Our vision at Be Beyond Borders is to break down borders and bring the world closer together through diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Founded by author, storyteller, and presenter Solène Anglaret, Be Beyond Borders is an invitation to explore the world through open, deep, and meaningful conversations and stories from far and wide.

Solène Anglaret

Born and raised in France, Solène has lived abroad for over 12 years – in Norway, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and Australia. Her passion for travel has also led her to visit more than 50 different countries.

This life beyond borders, with all of its ups, downs, and learnings, has inspired most of her writing. So far, she has published four books: Where to Next? (a travel memoir), Where Are You From? (a children’s story), Where? and Pensées d’Ailleurs (collections of poems in English and in French).

Day-to-day, Solène is a Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Lead. Her mission is to break down borders and bring the world closer together one conversation and one story at a time.

As a neuroatypical individual, or “a round shape too large to fit in any box” as she often says, Solène is a vocal mental health and wellbeing advocate. She is constantly looking for ways to learn more about the human experience and break down stigmas and stereotypes.

be beyond borders
Solène’s areas of expertise:
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Mental health and resilience
  • Travelling and living abroad
  • Cultural differences
  • Writing and self-publishing



“It was an absolute pleasure working with Solène, an inspiring, compassionate, driven, and hardworking leader. With her extensive knowledge and passion around inclusion & diversity, she has not only increased awareness but also brought positive impacts and inspired many others. Solène is creative and always look for new ways to build trust with her team as well.”

Youngae Lee

“Solène has that passion for learning, growing and developing her skills and those of others. She is a true advocate of Inclusion & Diversity and contributed to shedding light on the intricacies of mental health within APAC and beyond. Solène is a genuine, caring leader.”

Jonathan Huyghe