Last July, I hosted an Inclusion & Diversity panel at work called “Learning About the LGBTIQA+ History and Community.” Two wonderful colleagues took part. Together, we spoke about the Stonewall Riots, the LGBTIQA+ letters, the PRIDE flag, heard their personal stories, debunked lots of stereotypes, and talked about allyship. It was moving and incredibly enriching. 

From the Importance of Love and Compassion… 

One of them reminded us of the importance of loving ourselves first and foremost, so we can then be loved by others in the way we wish to be loved – for who we are. He mentioned the importance of accepting ourselves, celebrating our identity, and being open to each other stories. It touched me right in the heart and the same happened to the 80 people who attended too. I remember the feedback afterwards being just as incredible. Spreading love and compassion, what an absolute privilege.


…To the Power of Connection

That day, the panelists shared their personal stories in such a raw, honest, and vulnerable way. Listening to them gave me goose bumps. Surprisingly, it also made me want to scream: “I have BPD!” Of course, I didn’t – it was neither the time nor the place. But I will, one day. Their bravery was what made me feel it was important to ‘come out’ about my mental health. Inspiring people, inspire other people. 

You know, it that moment, I felt comfortably uncomfortable. My imposter syndrome was there, in the back of my mind, questioning everything I said. Yet, I also felt oddly at home. This! This is what I’m meant to be doing – sharing stories, hosting conversations, connecting humans. 

Welcome to The Inclusion Conversation!

Cloud 9 welcomed me after the event ended. I felt ready for more of these. Becoming the host of an inclusion and diversity show on TV, how amazing that would be! One conversation at a time, learning more about each other and being reminded that, at the end of the day, our DNA makes us all 99.8% the same: human. In the 0.2% lies our uniqueness. 

Six months passed between the moment I wrote about this idea of celebrating equally our differences and similarities through the power of stories and conversations, and the day I launched my talk show, The Inclusion Conversation. Six months of thinking, doubting, and hoping. I have since committed to hosting 12 episodes in 2022.

What better topic than “LGBTIQA+ Stories & Meaningful Allyship” for Episode 2? You can register HERE and I do really hope that you will join our wonderful panelists Saskhia, Jyoti, and I for what promises to be a deep, educational, and inspring conversaiton.


An Idea turned into a Reality

May we be proud of each other

May we be proud of ourselves

May we be proud of us together

Celebrate our similarities

And our differences 

No longer as Hu(man)ity

But as Hu(all)ity